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Saudis incriminate themselves as the architects of the Ghouta gas attacks

As the dust settles after the West’s failed attempt to destroy Damascus on behalf of the rebels in supposed retribution for the Syrian government’s gas attack on the people of Ghouta, there is a growing body of evidence pointing to … Continue reading

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Mother Agnes stirs up controversy across the US and UK

Our dear Mother Agnes has been the subject of constant controversy over the course of her North American tour, and her opponents have been doing their best to scuttle her British speaking engagements before they even take place! The accusations … Continue reading

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Confessions Of A Syrian Activist: “I Want Assad To Win”

It is impossible to know for sure whether this particular account is genuine but indeed it reflects reality on the ground in Syria today. Indeed there may have been many who joined the FSA for the sake of a better … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda in Syria – first we kill the FSA then the Jews and Christians!

There’s no way of knowing for sure whether this video is genuine. Even so, Al Qaeda is not an organisation run by theologians, and this is exactly sort of barbaric tribalism, posing as religion, that we would expect from the … Continue reading

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Who benefits from endless war in Syria?

This is an excellent article by Kourosh Ziabari, not because it necessarily has all the answers, but because it asks some very important questions! The first question he asks is one I really hadn’t considered properly before. What is it that … Continue reading

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Mairead Maguire commends Mother Agnes of Homs to the American people

What follows is an open letter from my friend and hero, Mairead Maguire, to the people of the USA, commending Mother Agnes Mariam’s speaking tour. I had the privilege of joining both Mairead and Mother Agnes in the Mussalaha peace … Continue reading

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Mother Agnes helps evacuate civilians from the besieged rebel-held city of Moaddamiyah

It seems that Mother Agnes has aroused the ire of those favouring US intervention in Syria. Some have even stooped so low as to suggest that in this latest life-saving initiative Mother was acting under orders of the head of Syria’s … Continue reading

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