Ron Paul tells Obama to get his hands off Syria!

I am not an unqualified supporter of Ron Paul but when it comes to US foreign policy he tells it like it is!

Mind you, Paul is guarded in his criticism of Israel and he gives scant attention to what I believe is the real aim of Obama’s intervention in Syria – namely, the weakening of Iran and  the securing of US and Israeli hegemony throughout the region. Even so, what he does say is spot on! 

It is just painful now to look back at how Obama once took pride in his opposition to the war in Iraq. Not only has he chosen the same murderous path. He is even using the same language of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’!

Intervention in Syria is bound to backfire on the US. Indeed, if this intervention leads us into World War III then it will backfire on us all! God save us from all such forms of ‘humanitarian intervention’.

Father Dave

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