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Beyond tolerance – Syria as a model for religious integration and harmony

Father Dave has just returned from a moving visit to war-ravaged Syria. One of the hard lessons he learned is that, in the face of aggressive, ‘takfiri’ Islam, Australians might need to rethink their attitudes to religious tolerance. DIVINE Service … Continue reading

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Those who kill in the name of God do not know God

Traditional wisdom says that a fish rots from the head down. In other words, when a government or other organisation is dysfunctional the problem can generally be traced back to those at the top. The opposite must also be true … Continue reading

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Why the Syrian rebellion may soon collapse like a house of cards!

I have just returned from Syria. Over the space of a couple of days our group drove from Damascus to Lattakia to Homs and back to Damascus – all without harassment or signs of imminent violence. The contrast with my … Continue reading

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Syrian Archbishop says the US, Britain and France are “Screwing Us”!

It was only a day ago that a Muslim friend asked me “why aren’t the Christians of Syria speaking out more about rebel atrocities?” The truth is that they are speaking out but nobody is listening, and the strong language … Continue reading

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