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The Syrian people have spoken and they want to keep Assad!

I did not vote for Bashar Al-Assad. I didn’t vote in the Syrian elections at all because I am not Syrian! If I had been Syrian I don’t know if I would have voted for Assad. I really didn’t take … Continue reading

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Mussalaha Peace Mission to Syria – the Concluding Declaration

The Concluding Declaration of the Mussalaha Delegation to Syria – Friday, May 10th 2013 Syria exhibits a massive and terrible breakdown of human decency and respect. There are millions of innocent victims and many individual acts of heroism, but amongst … Continue reading

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Will US intervention mean the end of Syria as we know it?

From where I stand, the decision by Barack Obama to arm the Syrian rebels will most likely lead us into another World War. According to Franklin Lamb’s excellent analysis below, the US estimates another 50,000 people must be killed before … Continue reading

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