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Mairead Maguire: “We must each do all in our power to Resist and Stop this latest drive to war!”

I’m proud to call Mairead Maguire my friend, not only because of her historic work in Northern Ireland that earned her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976, but even more so on account of the way she continues to pour … Continue reading

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Iraq, ISIS and Syria – what’s going on?!

So many crazy things are happening in the hell that is flowing from Syria into Iraq at the moment that it’s hard to know what is going on. As Christians we need to make a meaningful response to all this bloodshed … Continue reading

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The persecution of Christians in Syria continues

Christians are not the only minority group in Syria being persecuted, of course. I was speaking to a friend in Damascus last night and she told me that there had been massacres in seven Alawite villages. She knew personally of … Continue reading

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Australia gives humanitarian assistance to Syria instead of weapons!

This is indeed encouraging news. While the US and NATO focus on adding more weapons to the Syrian conflict, Australia is committing itself to supporting the victims! It’s not often that I have a reason to feel proud to be … Continue reading

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