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The Criminal War on SYRIA Continues

A press release from the Syria Support Movement – 12th September, 2023 The war on Syria is no longer front-page news, but it has never ended. Currently, the United States and its allies are placing enormous pressure on the Syrian … Continue reading

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Beyond tolerance – Syria as a model for religious integration and harmony

Father Dave has just returned from a moving visit to war-ravaged Syria. One of the hard lessons he learned is that, in the face of aggressive, ‘takfiri’ Islam, Australians might need to rethink their attitudes to religious tolerance. DIVINE Service … Continue reading

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Aleppo – where media ethics curled up and croaked

AS SYRIAN loyalists danced in the streets of newly-liberated Aleppo, western propaganda unleashed a chorus of anger from every shiny weapon in its high-tech arsenal. The big guns – Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN, Fox News, even Australia’s ABC – … Continue reading

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Maaloula and Saydnaya – flowers of Syrian youth and beauty

[pb_carousel group=”1″] We visited Maaloula and Saydnaya on the same day – two Christian villages only a short drive north of Damascus Maaloula is one of the few places on earth where Aramaic is still spoken – the language that … Continue reading

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ISIS shows its true colours in Yarmouk! They are the enemy of the Palestinian people.

ISIS has shown its true colours! They are the enemies of the Palestinian people! Commentators around the world are appalled at the ISIS take-over of Yarmouk refugee camp, still home to around 18,000 Palestinians, and supposedly only a ’10-minute bus … Continue reading

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Syria is like a hunted animal, being slowly killed one American arrow at a time

The following article is written by my friend, Declan Hayes – a passionate Irishman. I was with Declan in Damascus in April of this year. He has been back to Syria twice since then and spent the bulk of his … Continue reading

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