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Mairead Maguire appeals to UK government to talk to Syrian Government

Another prophetic all from dear Mairead: MAIREAD MAGUIRE  APPEALS TO UK GOVERNMENT TO TALK TO SYRIAN GOVERNMENT AND ISLAMIC MILITANTS IN ORDER TO HELP SOLVE MIDDLE EAST CRISIS Nobel Peace Laureate, Mairead Maguire, today called upon the UK Government to … Continue reading

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FSA to declare war on Jabhat Al-Nusra?!

Surely this is the beginning of the end for the Syrian ‘rebel alliance’. The Al-Nusra Front has brazenly murdered an FSA commander and the FSA has responded by threatening open war against Al-Nusra. Is it even sensible to refer to … Continue reading

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What the media is NOT telling you about Syria!

This is a polished and informative presentation from Ben Swann of the ‘truth in media’ project. I don’t know who Ben Swann is. Perhaps he has a dark side? Even so, his stated goal of bringing truth back into the … Continue reading

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Why the Assad victory at al-Qusayr changed everything!

It’s been almost a fortnight since Syrian government forces won a major victory at al-Qusayr. As Franklin Lamb’s analysis makes clear, the victory was a ‘game-changer’. Unfortunately for the Syrian people, it seems that this battle does not herald the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul tells Obama to get his hands off Syria!

I am not an unqualified supporter of Ron Paul but when it comes to US foreign policy he tells it like it is! Mind you, Paul is guarded in his criticism of Israel and he gives scant attention to what … Continue reading

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