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Syria – every story has two sides

“Silver Water: Syria Self-Portrait” is a movie that recently debuted at the Cannes film festival in Paris – the only Arab film in the fest’s official selection. The movie documents human-rights abuses allegedly carried out by Syrian government forces in the city of … Continue reading

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Mother Agnes helps evacuate civilians from the besieged rebel-held city of Moaddamiyah

It seems that Mother Agnes has aroused the ire of those favouring US intervention in Syria. Some have even stooped so low as to suggest that in this latest life-saving initiative Mother was acting under orders of the head of Syria’s … Continue reading

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What the media is NOT telling you about Syria!

This is a polished and informative presentation from Ben Swann of the ‘truth in media’ project. I don’t know who Ben Swann is. Perhaps he has a dark side? Even so, his stated goal of bringing truth back into the … Continue reading

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