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Is the US finally getting out of Syria?

I’m pasting below an extract from Mk Bhadrakumar’s article in The Cradle,  “‘Swarming’ the US in West Asia, until it folds.” It’s the most encouraging analysis of the state in Syria that I’ve read for some years. Bhadrakumar sees US influence … Continue reading

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Biden picks up destroying Syria where Obama left off.

It’s funny how the media narrative works, with Obama and Biden depicted as relatively dovish presidents as compared with the Caligula of the US Empire – Trump. I was in Damascus with a member of the Syrian cabinet (I won’t … Continue reading

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Fathers – don’t let your daughters grow up to be women

FATHERS in Eastern Aleppo are asking religious scholars if it is cool to kill their daughters before they are “captured and raped by Assad, Hezbollah, and Iranian militias”, Middle East Monitors reports. The publication, sometimes accused of links with the … Continue reading

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Iraq, ISIS and Syria – what’s going on?!

So many crazy things are happening in the hell that is flowing from Syria into Iraq at the moment that it’s hard to know what is going on. As Christians we need to make a meaningful response to all this bloodshed … Continue reading

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Understanding the war in Syria – a sketch video

This is an engaging attempt to explain the violence in Syria, if a little simplistic. I would question it at two points. Firstly, I’m not convinced that the Syrian war ever did start as a purely democratic uprising. I suspect … Continue reading

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Why the Syrian rebellion may soon collapse like a house of cards!

I have just returned from Syria. Over the space of a couple of days our group drove from Damascus to Lattakia to Homs and back to Damascus – all without harassment or signs of imminent violence. The contrast with my … Continue reading

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Geneva II – the U.S. agenda is laid bare!

At last Geneva II is underway – not in ideal circumstances and not with everybody in attendance, but underway nonetheless. Most reports on the conference thus far have been stressing the anger and acrimony being displayed by speakers. This is … Continue reading

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Middle East Turmoil and the Disintegration of a Nation State

The following paper by Professor Bill Stanley is as comprehensive as it is informative.  Bill covers everything from the tragedy in Syrian to the refugee problem in Lebanon to the history of Western intervention in Iran! Reading it, I am … Continue reading

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Iran – the real target of the US attack on Syria

Another frank and common-sense analysis by Robert Fisk. Fisk is surely right about Iran being the real target of US aggression. It is Iran that threatens US/Israeli control of the region and not it’s allies – Syria and Lebanon – … Continue reading

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Will US intervention mean the end of Syria as we know it?

From where I stand, the decision by Barack Obama to arm the Syrian rebels will most likely lead us into another World War. According to Franklin Lamb’s excellent analysis below, the US estimates another 50,000 people must be killed before … Continue reading

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