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Beyond tolerance – Syria as a model for religious integration and harmony

Father Dave has just returned from a moving visit to war-ravaged Syria. One of the hard lessons he learned is that, in the face of aggressive, ‘takfiri’ Islam, Australians might need to rethink their attitudes to religious tolerance. DIVINE Service … Continue reading

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Terror convoys descend on troubled city

TERRORISTS are driving Syrians out of their seventh-largest city as they prepare to make a last desperate stand at Deir Ezzor. Multiple sources, including the Wall St Journal,  jihadi websites and American commanders, suggest the dire military situation facing DAESH … Continue reading

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Australia has Syrian blood on its hands!

Up till now Australia has been trying to keep a low profile in the Syrian conflict. We do what the US tells us to do but we stay out of the front lines as far as possible, presumably because the … Continue reading

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Why are we worried about the Islamic State? Did I miss something?

The war-drums are beating. Hysteria is spreading across the nation and reaching fever pitch! Al Baghdadi and his hordes of masked men are on their way to kill us all! Nobody is safe! First Syria, then Iraq, next … Australia? … Continue reading

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Australia gives humanitarian assistance to Syria instead of weapons!

This is indeed encouraging news. While the US and NATO focus on adding more weapons to the Syrian conflict, Australia is committing itself to supporting the victims! It’s not often that I have a reason to feel proud to be … Continue reading

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Australia cuts off support for Syrian rebels!

Not only does Australia have a new Prime Minister, but now it’s taken a new stance on the Syrian conflict by  listing Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist organisation. This is a bold move by the Australian government, and one that puts … Continue reading

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Don’t arm the rebels: Syrian nun brings her plea to Australia

Sydney, June 16: The international spokesperson for Syria’s multi-faith grassroots reconciliation movement, Mother Agnes from the Monastery of St James in Homs, is in Australia to beg for an end to foreign interference in Syria. As US President Barack Obama … Continue reading

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