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Israel continues to attack Syria with impunity

the Israeli government continues to stage violent assaults on Syria – and all such attacks go unreported in mainline Western media Continue reading

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Moderates – what moderates?

SOME US foreign policy analysts concede it is time for a “ruthless” look at whether CIA-backed fighters in Syria can be considered “moderate”, the Washington Post reports A senior US official told the Post this week, the battlefield performance of … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart parodies Obama's war on 'Islamic State'

This is a powerful mixture of insight and humour from Jon Stewart, though the way he frames the parody does concern me. Stewart rails against Obama’s ‘Team America’ pitch in selling another Middle Eastern war with a view to questioning … Continue reading

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Why are we worried about the Islamic State? Did I miss something?

The war-drums are beating. Hysteria is spreading across the nation and reaching fever pitch! Al Baghdadi and his hordes of masked men are on their way to kill us all! Nobody is safe! First Syria, then Iraq, next … Australia? … Continue reading

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