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Confessions Of A Syrian Activist: “I Want Assad To Win”

It is impossible to know for sure whether this particular account is genuine but indeed it reflects reality on the ground in Syria today. Indeed there may have been many who joined the FSA for the sake of a better … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda in Syria – first we kill the FSA then the Jews and Christians!

There’s no way of knowing for sure whether this video is genuine. Even so, Al Qaeda is not an organisation run by theologians, and this is exactly sort of barbaric tribalism, posing as religion, that we would expect from the … Continue reading

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FSA to declare war on Jabhat Al-Nusra?!

Surely this is the beginning of the end for the Syrian ‘rebel alliance’. The Al-Nusra Front has brazenly murdered an FSA commander and the FSA has responded by threatening open war against Al-Nusra. Is it even sensible to refer to … Continue reading

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Declaration of the Mussalaha Delegation to Syria on the Refugee Situation in Lebanon

May 7th, 2013 The summary conclusion of the Mussalaha delegation is that Syrian refugees in Lebanon are forced to rely mainly on their own resources and Lebanese hospitality, both of which are strained to the limit and portend a humanitarian … Continue reading

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Hands Off Syria

Our hearts bleed for the people of Syria. Our hearts bleed for the people of Syria – for the real people of Syria, and not just for the images of Syria that are handed to us by the media. What … Continue reading

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