Al Qaeda in Syria – first we kill the FSA then the Jews and Christians!

There’s no way of knowing for sure whether this video is genuine. Even so, Al Qaeda is not an organisation run by theologians, and this is exactly sort of barbaric tribalism, posing as religion, that we would expect from the world’s no.1 terror organisation.

If you don’t speak Arabic, read the transcription below.

[imaioVideo v=1]

If you can’t view the video, click here.

ISIS: “You are (FSA) infidel, You’re infidel”
ISIS: “You, Creature, you don’t know Allah nor the Prophet and are corrupted person and we will kill and chop you”
ISIS [Describing how they would kill and chop FSA]
ISIS: “You claim to be a Muslim you are not a Muslim because you kill and rape women and men”
FSA: “If you think you are a man go fight Israel not us, why did you come to Syria”
ISIS: “You are apostate and fighting you (FSA) is a priority to us more than usual infidel”
ISIS: “You (Syrians) curse god and the prophet you are apostate infidel”
ISIS: “killing you apostates is a must and comes before killing Jews and Christians”
FSA: “Fuck you bastard and your masters in Qaeda”
FSA: “We’re Jihadist against regime…” [cut..]
ISIS: “You’re jihad (fighting) is in the sake of FSA, Syrian Coalition, Democracy and a Civil State??”
ISIS: “You deny Sharia and you’re fighting us… we had better to kill you rather the original infidels.”
FSA: “Bastard, pig, god damn you…” [Cursing Qaeda and its Leaders]
ISIS: “You, you who hear me, you know you’re not Muslim you’re infidel hate god and the prophet.”
ISIS: “You’re corrupted you don’t pray and against Islam you’re not Muslims”
FSA: “You’re the corrupted and infidel you are god enemies and our enemies…” [inaudible]

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