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Why Syria?

It was great to catch up with Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer while I was in the UK in September 2023. We did the interview in a pub – The Titanic – in Southhampton. Having made nine trips to Syria during … Continue reading

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Syrian crisis requires friendship, not aggression

The following article was officially co-authored by Professor Tim Anderson and myself (though it was largely Tim’s work with some tweaking from me). Tim and I were together in Syria for the latter part of July though we had come with slightly … Continue reading

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What’s really going on in Yarmouk?

[pb_carousel group=”0″] I thought it might prove difficult to get to Yarmouk. My God, it’s hard enough to get into Syria at the moment! At first I thought we weren’t even going to make it out of Sydney! As soon … Continue reading

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Supporting Syria – an address by Father Dave

An address given at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre on July 25th, 2014 It is hard to know how to talk about Syria as there are really two entirely different and competing narratives about Syria, and how you understand the … Continue reading

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Al Nusra Massacres in Lattakia

The following is a report from the Sham Times – an independent Syrian newspaper. It has been translated from the Arabic. www.shamtimes.net…… A Documentary Report on Al Nusra Massacres in Lattakia by Hussein Mortada The Syrian coast is witnessing a … Continue reading

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The monastery of Mother Agnes of Homs is under attack!

For those who write off Mother Agnes Mariam (pictured below in Beirut between myself and Mairead Maguire) as a pro-regime stooge, it’s worth noting that her monastery has been attacked by government forces. A total of 21 missiles have been … Continue reading

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