Syrian Archbishop says the US, Britain and France are “Screwing Us”!

It was only a day ago that a Muslim friend asked me “why aren’t the Christians of Syria speaking out more about rebel atrocities?” The truth is that they are speaking out but nobody is listening, and the strong language of this Archbishop may indeed reflect frustration with the deafness of the world’s media as well as with the foreign powers who are funding the violence against his people.

Jacques Behnan Hindo has been Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Hassake in Syria since 1996. Like most Christians in Syria he is not necessarily pro-Assad but he is certainly against the foreign takfiri who threaten to take over his country and turn it into an Islamic state. Not one to engage in political double-talk, he speaks plainly about the “fake humanitarian sentiment” displayed by US Foreign Secretary, John Kerry, and says that he and French Foreign Minister Fabius are “screwing all Syrians”.

 We can only hope that this exasperated cry from one of Syria’s leading churchmen gets the attention of the world media and has some reverberations in the corridors of power. Even so, as the Archbishop makes clear, his hope is in God and in the miracle of resurrection that the cross anticipates!

Father Dave

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