What if Syria happened in London?

I have cried every time I’ve watched this video. I don’t know what that says about me. Perhaps, having three lovely daughters myself, these scenes of a young girl growing up touch something deep in me. Even so, this is a powerful production.

The video – put together by ad agency ‘Don’t Panic’ for ‘Save the Children’ – is done in the ‘second-a-day’ format – a series of tiny one-second snippets from the girl’s life over the space of a year, between two birthdays. It mirrors the reality for so many children in Syria, where more than a quarter of the population have now been displaced!

I appreciate that appealing to sentiment like this can be a manipulative way of raising funds, and I likewise recognise how sad it is that we had to make the Syrian girl English-speaking and white before we could identify with her. Even so, I think it is great that this video has gone viral and I hope it generates a lot of money and interest.

Father Dave

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