Syria in the spotlight on Sputnik!

Recently it was my great privilege to join my friend John Shipton as guests on ‘Sputnik’ – RT’s wonderful current affairs show, hosted by George Galloway and his partner Gayatri.

With Gayatri, John and George on Sputnik

With Gayatri, John and George on Sputnik

George is a real mentor to me. I remember asking him when I first met him last year “How is it that you always say what you believe to be true, and yet you’re a politician!” George said “I have nothing to lose! I have no real money or power so there is nothing that they can threaten me with in order to compromise me!” George is a true prophet – powerless yet powerful, poor in worldly goods but rich in all the things that count. I count it a privilege to call him my friend. 🙂

Father Dave

Father Dave & John Shitpon on Sputnik

P.S. You can see my earlier interview with George here

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