Video proof: NATO secretly supports and supplies Islamic State!

The proof is in! Islamic State is being maintained via an ongoing convoy of supplies trucked across from Turkey on a daily basis!

Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle (DW), broke the news through the video report published below. Turkish trucking companies transport food, steel and cement are across the Turkish/Syrian border each day, passing them on to middle-men who then take the supplies to Raqqa – the base of ISIS operations!

As mentioned in my earlier article, it is ridiculous to think that Islamic State are supporting themselves through income from banks they rob or oil refineries they take over. They are not recognised as a state by anyone and hence they have no trading partners, and can’t possibly support their army on the strength of black-market oil sales. They flourish only because they continue to be supplied by foreign backers. Now we have seen those supply lines in operation!

I don’t know why it hasn’t struck most commentators as a little odd that the USA, with their history of harsh sanctions against Iraq, Syria and Iran, made no attempt at all at putting sanctions in place against Al Baghdadi and his crew. And from what we see from the DW report, there is nothing particularly clandestine about the operation. The supply convoys are evidently functioning with full knowledge of the Turkish government, and so presumably with the knowledge of Turkey’s NATO allies.

If the USA were really serious about stopping Islamic State, surely the first thing they would be to stop them being supplied. This would require a small amount of logistical and diplomatic work, of course, but only a tiny fraction of the effort required to keep an army in the field.

The question needs to be asked at the highest level – why is the USA spending billions of dollars to fight a war against Al Baghdadi’s army when all it needs to do is cut their supply lines? I think I can make an educated guess as to the answer to that question but the fact that nobody is asking that question suggests that nobody really wants to know the answer!

Father Dave


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