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Syria is like a hunted animal, being slowly killed one American arrow at a time

The following article is written by my friend, Declan Hayes – a passionate Irishman. I was with Declan in Damascus in April of this year. He has been back to Syria twice since then and spent the bulk of his … Continue reading

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Mairead Maguire: “We must each do all in our power to Resist and Stop this latest drive to war!”

I’m proud to call Mairead Maguire my friend, not only because of her historic work in Northern Ireland that earned her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976, but even more so on account of the way she continues to pour … Continue reading

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Is the violence in Syria and Iraq really sectarian?

We’ve been sold this line for a long time – that the violence raging across the Levant, most obviously in Syria and Iraq, is of a sectarian nature. It is Sunni against Shia, Muslims against fellow Muslims and non-Muslim minority … Continue reading

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Iraq, ISIS and Syria – what’s going on?!

So many crazy things are happening in the hell that is flowing from Syria into Iraq at the moment that it’s hard to know what is going on. As Christians we need to make a meaningful response to all this bloodshed … Continue reading

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Middle East Turmoil and the Disintegration of a Nation State

The following paper by Professor Bill Stanley is as comprehensive as it is informative.  Bill covers everything from the tragedy in Syrian to the refugee problem in Lebanon to the history of Western intervention in Iran! Reading it, I am … Continue reading

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How Obama Lost the First Battle for Damascus

How Obama lost the first battle for Damascus by Father Dave Smith A good propaganda system aims at controlling the public dialogue, and in the marketing of war one technique that has proven very successful in recent years has been … Continue reading

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Mairead Maguire: Give Peace in Syria a Chance!

More words of inspiration and strength from my friend and Captain in the Good Fight, Mairead Maguire. Every time I look at this picture of Mairead wearing my US Civil War battle hat I am reminded of the role that … Continue reading

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"Arming the rebels will not help Syria" says Mairead Maguire

The following is a press release from “The Peace People” of Northern Ireland. You can find out more about their wonderful work via their website – peacepeople.com… 26th August 2013 Mairead Maguire, Nobel peace laureate, today appealed to the Rt. Hon. … Continue reading

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