The ongoing theft of Syrian oil

Why is it only the Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN) that is covering the US theft of Syrian oil. This has been going on for years now. America has been stealing another country’s sovereign resources, yet nobody outside of China (and Syria) seems to have noticed!

Of course, there is nothing new under the sun. America is only behaving as Empires have always behaved – occupying weaker countries and stealing their resources. The only difference is that the warlords of old were more honest about what they were doing. The Vikings didn’t claim to be ‘spreading democracy’ when they plundered and murdered a village.

The influence of Christian morality on the West, and on America in particular, has been deep and profound. It is a good thing that our leaders don’t want to be seen as liars, thieves and murderers, even if that does lead them to torture truth-tellers like Julian Assange.

So … Assange rots in gaol while the Syrian people continue to be suffocated by sanctions and have their natural resources plundered. How long, O Lord …?

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