The White Helmets continue their deception in Syria

It is hard to believe that the world continues to be fooled by these people. Of course, has been the pattern since the violence against Syria began more than ten years ago. Everyone gets their news on Syria from sources based outside of Syria! If you listen to the Syrian people, you hear a very different version of reality from that sold to us by mainline international media.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa Beeley a number of times in Syria. She has been tireless in her advocacy for the Syrian people and has devoted her life to listening and retelling the Syrian side of the story. Unlike most international reporters, she operates from inside Syria.

Father Dave

Father Dave with his daughter, Imogen (L) and Vanessa Beeley (R) in Damascus in June 2019

Syria: The White Helmets Are “Actors and Frauds”

27 Feb 2023

Vanessa Beeley – TRANSCEND Media Service

I Speak to a REAL Syria Civil Defence Officer in Aleppo

Captain Walid Houri of the REAL Syria Civil Defence in Aleppo with one of his young volunteers who worked with him to locate people trapped under the earthquake rubble. Photo| Vanessa Beeley

20 Feb 2023 – The REAL Syria Civil defence has been usurped in public consciousness in the West by the White Helmets – a shadow state construct established in Turkey and Jordan in 2013 by a former British Military Intelligence operative, James Le Mesurier.

Since then the White Helmets have been embedded with the Western-proxy armed groups dominated by Al Qaeda rebrands and they have been tasked with the criminalisation of the Syrian government, forces and allies in order to bring about regime change as part of the UK/US-led agenda in the Middle East.

The REAL Syria Civil Defence was established in 1953 inside Syria and is the only recognised SCD in Syria by the International Civil Defence Organisation in Geneva. While White Helmets have an annual budget from their handlers in the West of $ 35 million for less than 3000 alleged volunteers (who have a stipend of $ 150 per month, 3 times the salary of a Syrian Arab Army soldier), the REAL Syria Civil Defence have a budget of $ 50, 000 for 10,000 volunteers who do not receive a stipend much of the time.

The RSCD covers an area of Syrian territory that is home to approximately 80% of the Syrian population. The White Helmets are in a pocket of territory in the north-west of Idlib governorate that is (according to Brett McGurk) the largest Al Qaeda haven since 9/11.

Since the earthquake the West has seized the opportunity to resurrect the White Helmet brand that had been severely tarnished by their role in staging alleged chemical weapon attacks since 2013 including the much discredited claims of Syrian government chemical weapon use in Douma 2018.

Additionally Syrian civilians have accused the White Helmets of multiple crimes including organ trafficking, child abduction, theft, murder, torture and desecration of Christian churches under their control.

Read the rest of this article, and watch the interview with a member of the Syrian Civil Defense Services on Transcend Media Service

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